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Natural Kidney Stones Treatment

Natural Cure for Kidney Stones - Kidney Stones Treatment

Author: Bryan Len

For most of us, we generally run to go for medicines or to hospitals for even a bit of discomfort in the bodies. I am pretty sure and do not narrate here about troublesome bills those we end up paying! Like any other health ailments, natural cure for kidney stones is also possible. Nevertheless, prevention has always been better than cure and thus we ought to have healthy lifestyle. In a simple language, kidney stones are actually the residues those get accumulated in the kidneys. The kidney stones occur in several size and they also vary in places.

Natural cure for kidney stones is started as soon as they are diagnosed to avoid its complications since they are quite punishing and generally cause severe pain in the abdomen, genital area or while urinating and menstruation. Regrettably, removing kidney stones from the body is the only relieving solution. Curing is quite possible through natural ways using some home remedies, exercises, breathing techniques and using some herbal extracts.

As always, the best way to have a natural cure for kidney stones is always preventing the problems and this way you don't have to really go for any remedy. One natural way of prevention is consuming proper diet and making sure that it contains vitamins, proteins and minerals that help in dissolving the stones. It may really look so funny that often or frequent urination is also helpful and is a natural cure for kidney stones. In addition to this, a sufferer must also avoid alcohol and smoking that could also help you help in dissolving the stones naturally.

Some health care providers prefer some juices that offer protection. For this, ½ cup of pure lemon juice a day may raise citrate levels in the urine that might protect against kidney stones due to calcium stones as per published papers from the University of Maryland Medical Center. Also, a German study reveals that blackcurrant juice may also prevent uric acid stones. On the other hand, grapefruit juice might put you at increased risks of kidney stones, whereas cranberry juice helps in fighting the urinary tract infections that may cause struvite stones as stated in the Journal of Urology. It was found that it may worsen the case of calcium stones.

Magnesium and vitamin B6 deficiencies are also linked with kidney stones and hence consuming proper amounts of them may help in preventing the stones. Magnesium supplements might decrease the size of an existing kidney stone and also prevents future ones.

Natural cure for kidney stones also include using some herbs such as Horsetail, goldenrod, and dandelion leaf since they all increase the urine volume. Herbal teas may also promote better kidney health. Herbs such as pashanbhed, guduchi, gokshura and varuna helps in dissolving the kidney stones as stated in Ayurvedic texts.

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